Honey syrup

Easypack Solutions collaborates with Primo Mendoza company to produces  the first mono dose containing a totally natural product based on forest honey, propolis, eucalyptus and lemon, useful for fevers and colds. Excellent homemade products  with a centuries-old recipe made with honey syrup  and a revolutionary single doses makes the perfect synergy for final product that ensure success. Oldest honey recipes in an innovative container for your health and comfort, a perfect synergy between Primo Mendoza company syrup and the  Easypack Solutions packaging system with mono dose sachet  "Sobremariposa".

Sky Wax

A great novelty for athletes and everyone who love to ski.

Nzero was born. A special wax for skiers and snowboarders exclusively packed in mono dose sachet by Easypack Solutions. The efficacy of this product, a natural wax to apply in the cold weather,  links perfectly  the simplicity of the opening system and the way of application of “ Sobremariposa" the special pods and patented worldwide Easypack Solutions sl.

Brings the wax mono doses with you to ski and you will easily apply them. Don’t miss it on www.nzerowax.com made by Easypack Solutions Spain.

Minos Capsules

In collaboration with Capsule Minos Company,  our exclusive distributor in France, we produce a single dose sachet with hydroalcoholic gel specially created for the International Red Cross. A useful product for personal hygiene made for people who works where there is no water and packaged with “Sobremariposa” mono dose sachet one hand opening system. A revolutionary concept made for one of the most and safety symbol  in the world, three authors for a good project, Easypack Solutions sl Spain is also this.

Organic Certified

From the 7th of April 2014 our company has obtained the organic certification by Sohiscert Control Body. We believe in organic sector and we already started working with organic companies, proud to contribute to the development of the organic sector. Organic producers, processors and distributors, we are ready to pack your organic products with our innovative mono dose sachet  "Sobremariposa".