We pack specialized mono doses sachet with an unique and revolutionary patented worldwide pods, the "Sobremariposa"

The mono dose sachet container (pod) is widely used for many reasons: low price, thousands of applications, ability to be product and shows at the same time and high hygienic value. Many international and national rules requires the use of them in public places, as replacement of traditional containers such as bottles and refillable oil vinegar. The pods are used once and thrown away, is easily transportable, very comfortable for daily life, essential for singles and couples to avoid waste products in large containers once they’re not finished. The pod has a great future, to remain innovative should consider to replace part of their products line with pods.

The "Sobremariposa" represents the revolution of pods. For more than twenty years, the concept of mono doses have not introduced new products, they always had the same problems concerning the uncomfortable and difficult opening system. With this revolutionary packaging the method of opening and serving becomes very easy, confortable and clean.

We can supply also a very innovative way to present it at the point of sale, in the following pictures you can see some examples of Packaging we have worked, of course we can always design something different to be adapted to the characteristics of each customer needs.


  • Opening with one hand.
  • Very low materials productions costs compared to other alternative portion packs, such as thermoformed containers (vessels, bottles, tubes, tubs, ...).
  • Unique and patented marketing strategy because of its high attractive appearance.
  • New packaging design worldwide patented, innovative and very difficult to reproduce, in order to avoid fake.
  • 100% recyclable, and environmentally friendly packaging compared to other type of packaging.
  • You don’t need to tear the top, no spill and no mess of product in the hands. Clean and hygienic.
  • Longer shelf life up to two years, due to its properties as a barrier to oxygen and light.
  • The product is preserved under vacuum.
  • The product comes out completely thanks to the pressure applied by side of semi-rigid envelope.
  • Maximum safety, the product will not open if it is not squashed up to 90 degrees.
  • Any liquid and semi-liquid product can be packaged.
  • This system has been award winning with the "OSCAR OF PACKAGING 2008" and "WORLD STAR PACKAGING 2008" concerning the innovative design and its one hand unique opening system.
  • Possibility to customize both the top and the bottom of the envelope.
  • The "Sobremariposa" is not only a monodose sachet container, but also a product applicator, all with one hand.

You can download a brochure with information about our product here.