Mission, vision and values

Our company is specialized in the production of a mono dose sachet named "Sobremariposa" a revolutionary packaging method worldwide patented. The method is already award winning, in 2008 obtained the World Packaging Oscar. Each mono dose sachet can be filled with any liquid and semi liquid food, cosmetics and personal hygiene products. We are the exclusive dealers for Spain and Portugal market but we exports this revolutionary package worldwide. Our aim is use the highest technologies to simplify everyone’s life and help innovation in business packaging, that’s “Sobremariposa". Due to its particular opening system, the pod has the potential to be applied in many sectors, from traditional food industry (mayonnaise, ketchup, oil, vinegar, sauces, syrups, honey ...) to sport (energy drinks), cosmetics and personal care products (gels, shampoos, ..) personal lubricants, till alcoholic beverages. Any liquid product can be packaged in our "Sobremariposa" pods. For us quality is one of the most important values and makes the difference in a world where everyone is producing at very low prices. Our customers are our partners and we help them in building their business in the new markets. Rapidity in production and in deliveries is our strength, the real Key-success in the globalization era. Another secret of our success is the flexibility and respect of the delivery. We believe in the respect for the environment, respect for the environment means also respect ourselves and assure a future for our planet. .